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Hi all, found this really fun video comparison of new gta 5 for pc video trailer and some kinda trailer for GTA San Andreas. This look really fun, i’d say very close hehe :)

I don’t know the story behind the creation of this comparison, so i don’t know what to say here, the only thing is obvious, Rockstar still offers us that unforgettable spirit of gta games. So i’m just exited u know, i’m sure u all too. And should i mention the graphics, it looks awesome in new gta 5 for pc video. Well a least now. Hope it would be the same for real gta 5 for pc release.

If by any chance u know the story of creating this video, please feel free to post in comments

Here’s the original version some dude made:

and here’s the remake, kinda improved as he sais:

Have fun!

Rockstar released Vice City Anniversary Trailer. Can u believe that it was 10 years ago…:) That was one of our favorite game i’m sure. Have a look, and remember how young we were…

And the funniest thing is that in the end of trailer they say it’s available for Ios and Android, hehe :) . We could barely play it on PC 10 years ago, and now it’s just that simply available on smartphones, which are actually now equal to PCs we had 10 years ago. Enjoy!

Hi all, welcome to my new blog about GTA 5 for PC. I’m a real fan  of GTA games, so here, on this website i’ll try to provide you with all GTA 5 for PC latest news and info, interesting reviews and latest GTA 5 for PC videos and trailers.

So stay tuned!

First official trailer of GTA 5 for PC. Well, not exactly for PC, it’s like for all. But i’m sure it would be the same gameplay experience for GTA 5 PC  version as well. Enjoy!


I bet you all ask this question. Well, i digged some info about that.

Gta 5 to be released in Spring 2013, but…confirmed for PS3 and XBOX. Sounds not too cool for Gta 5 PC players and fans. But i’m pretty sure they will release the Gta 5 for pc anyway. The question is “when”.

There are few obvious reasons for Gta 5 to be released on PS3 and XBOX first. One of them is that those consoles still do have much more performance ability then most PC’s. So Rockstar can create super hot game and get maximum of em. The other one i guess is that demand on consoles is much higher.

But like i said i’m really sure they will release it. As for now we can just wait.

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